Dec 31, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions

Well, I kinda have to have some... Here they go:

1) Squat 440 pounds
2) Deadlift 550 pounds
3) Start running with Vibram Five Fingers on a regular basis
4) Start with ab training
5) Take my vitamins on a daily basis

What's your New Years Resolutions?

Doing some squats and jump squats yesterday

According to researchers in New Zealand, doing some jump squats after 3 sets of heavy squats can increase your testosterone level for some time. Well, I like having increased testosterone, and jump squats is an important exercise in plyoathletic training. So here we go. 3 sets of heavy squatting 300, 320 and 350 pounds followed by some 200 pounds jumps. Finished of with supersets of leg ext and leg curls. Here is a video:

Dec 30, 2010

About the author

The founder and author of PLYOATHLETICS.COM is a well known norwegian strength training coach by the name of Ståle Selnes Bjørkestøl. He grew up in the small town of Kristiansand, on the south coast of Norway, where he at early age found an interest in training and physical development. He performed numerous sports with good results, but never really had the hunger for victories and triumphs that make true champions. Ståle's goal was to gain the knowledge on how to make champions and gold medalists, not to become one himself.

He spent some time in the US, becoming familiar with the true American sports and principals of training, and studied sports at the Norwegian School of Sports Science and the University of Agder. In his first year at the university sport studies ha amazed his teachers by having the fastest 40 yards sprint of the entire student body of 75 athletes, while also having the highest VO2max of the same group. His VO2max of 84, and 100 meter sprint of 12 seconds was a rare combination for a student at that time. The answer to this can be found in the plyoathletic way of training which Ståle had been doing for some time.

Ståle now works as a Personal Trainer in the best gym in Norway. At a daily basis he trains and inspires people to gain muscles, lose weight, perform at their best, reshape their bodies and become true champions in their own lifes. He also teaches at the Norwegian School of Sports Science, and is a popular speaker at Fitness conventions and seminars in Norway.

During the years Ståle has performed sports such as athletics, gymnastics, rock climbing, soccer, cycling and long distance running. His days as a top athlete are past him, but now, at the age of 31, and the bodyweight of 200 pounds, he can still run a 10k in less the 40 minutes, deadlift 500 pounds, complete 30 chins, and do a perfect standing forward somersault. All thanks to the plyoathletic ways of training.

Read more about his progress during 11 years of training here:

Dec 29, 2010

This is the future of fitness!

Welcome to PLYOATHLETICS.COM. This is the futere of fitness as we know it. Please stay tuned for more to follow...