Jan 14, 2011

11 years of progress with Plyoathletic training.

I have put together a small comparison of how my progress have been during 11 years of plyoathletic training. My training have been good in some periods and not as good in other. The last couple of years however, I have been training on a fairly regular basis. Here is 11 years.

FIRST PICTURE: Here I am 18 years old and weighing 135 pounds. Not been lifting much weights, but done some rock climbing. Trying to keep the weight down because of the rock climbing. But doing quite a bit of push-ups and chins. Also running a lot and have very little muscles in legs and arms. Notice the thin arms and small shoulders. Kept on doing hard rock climbing until I went to the military for a year.

SECOND PICTURE: Some years has passed and I'm 23 years old. Bodyweight of 160 pounds. I'm not taking parts in climbing competition anymore, and I'm just working out to keep in shape. Have started lifting weights, but I'm still not very strong. Doing quite a bit of spinning because I'm an instructor at my local gym. Still a bad diet with too much crappy food. The muscles are not very full, and with very little cuts. Still lifting weights has added some mass to arms and shoulders.

THIRD PICTURE: A little over a year later, and I'm 171 pounds. Has decided to focus on strength training this year and gained some pounds of muscle. Eating lots of quality food, and the gains are quite lean. Not too much added fat yet. Working out with all the big important compound exercises and this is paying off. Still doing lots and lots of running, both intervals and distance.

FOURTH PICTURE: Here I am 26 years old. Bodyweight has increases to 185 pounds. Most gains has been made in legs, back and thickness in general. Thank god for all the squatting and deadlifting. Still lacking in arms though. Even with the pump in this picture, they are too small in my opinion. I'm quite happy with both training and nutrition at the moment. Lifting heavy weights. Running a little less distance and a little more intervals.

FIFTH PICTURE: In this picture I'm 28 years old. My current bodyweight is 195 pounds. In the picture I have just finished a short swim, but the muscles aren't really pumped. Still you can notice I have gained some weight in arms and shoulders. My % of bodyfat is also a little higher cause I'm getting older and it's hard to keep lean year round. Doing more bodybuilder type nutrition with bulking up in the winter and cutting in the summer. This is april, so I'm not quite shredded yet.

SIXTH PICTURE: Here I'm 29 years old at a bodyweight of 200 pounds. I'm not training as much as I used to do. Beeing married and having a little daughter just takes time from workouts. I still try to keep in shape on a daily basis though, but workouts are shorter and more brutal. Does lots of heavy lifting, hard running and plyo training.

So this is it! More pictures to follow in july 2011 ;-)


  1. It's sad how you don't have a head, I hope when you become 30 you either grow a head, or teach someone how to take a photograph of 'you'.