Jan 1, 2011

Back 2 the basics with military presses

I love shoulder workouts. It's not too hard and you get that awesome sensation of muscles growing right there and then. You should always include military presses. They're a great exercise for general mass and strength. Cause of a rotator cuff injury, I use a narrow grip. And I do my military presses after 4 sets of Arnold press. To keep the intensity I like including cheats at the end. At first I do as many reps possibly in a controlled, non-explosiv manner, then throws in 2 cheats. Why stop when you have enough strength to keep working, just not enough to lift strict? The body is just not designed to isolate movements. Thats not the way biomechanics work. Anyway, I also did some lateral raises with dumbells and cables and a drop set in the hammer. Here is a short video: