Jan 31, 2011

New PLYOREPS routine

Today is the first week of february and I'm starting my new 12 week routine. This is the last strong and heavy routine I do before summer. By the end of the 12 week I will have started cutting and my strength will likely drop, and I'll do a slightly different routine. But this one is for strength and size.

I train monday to friday in this order:

Monday - Plyostrength fullbody
Tuesday - Plyosize back, calfs
Wednesday - Plyosize chest, biceps
Thursday - Plyosize legs
Friday - Plyosize shoulder, triceps, calfs

Here is the whole 12 week routine. You can download it as an excel spreadsheet. The only thing you have to do is change the yellow to your numbers and you are ready to go. You can also change the progression and the reps but I recommend not doing that unless you are very experienced. Here is the spreadsheet:  http://plyoathletics.com/PLYOREPS_spring_2011.xlsx

You don't have to know your 1RM. It's calculated for you. You just have to know what you lift for a really heavy set with 2-8 reps. Also notice that the weight you enter for dips is the added weight by using a dips-belt.

You see that it's only the monday workout that has a fixed progression. For all the other workouts you kinda have to find the weights for yourself. I've written more about it here:

and here:

If you have any questions just ask me. Also keep me posted on how you are doing on this!!
Here is a quick walkthru:

1) Download the file and save it on your computer
2) Open in excel. If you don't have excel you can find it on the net
3) Change the yellow squares

4) You don't have to change the progression, but it is possible
5) Notice how load changes based on what you write, but its only first workout that change.
6) Print and you're ready to go. It should be prepared for a 12 page print. One page for each week so just hit the print button
7) Keep me posted on how its working out for you!!

Good luck!


  1. Nice! A lot of effort has gone into this cheers mate

  2. nice job there.. :D
    an inspiration for sure. BTW, how would u recommend cardio? :)

  3. i think plyo is a pretty cool guy

    your friend,

  4. Thanks weightlossguru :-) I'm trying to keep it going :-)

  5. Thanks mr_ben. I would recommend doing one interval session each week, and one 10 k run :-)

  6. Thanks a lot Jordan. Appreciate it!

    Your friend, ståle :-)

  7. The weight isn't filled in after the first day. What load do we use?

  8. Leanmass: No the weights is predetermined only on the true strength workout. Other then that you just keep adding weights and finish of a failure set of 5-8 reps. That's the general rule.

  9. So we just use our judgement for other days?

  10. Yes, you have to use the numbers from the monday workout, the numbers form last weeks workout, and your experience. But the progression is always from lighter weights to one last really hard set for most exercises.

  11. Hey Plyo,

    Great Stuff!! Truly inspiring and incredible. I am having a bit of trouble understanding the Excel sheet. In the left-hand column on Ark1 (that has frozen cells so it doesn't move when you scroll over) the Weeks from 1 to 12 (starting at Row 13).The load % for Week 1 (80%)...does that mean 80% (poundage wise) of the loads that we input into the lifts above? Sorry for the confusing question...I just want to get this right...



  12. Hi DPK. The weeks from 1-12 shows percentage of 1RM which is calculated from the numbers you did input above. You can easily see the number of reps and the load calculated from your starting 1RM, not the current 1RM.

  13. Hey nice work on this routine plyoathlete. When are you doing abs in this routine & what are you doing for them. Thanks brah

  14. Hey Plyo,

    I was just wondering if there was any reason why deadlifts arent really included this workout? Is it because you have SL deadlifts there?



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  16. Hello,
    I cannot access the excel sheet, could you please check if the link is broken?

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