Jan 3, 2011

My Idols...

During the years I have seen many impressing athletes perform, and some of them I continue to admire even to this day. Others I have discovered in recent years. Either way they provide me with motivation to keep working or they amaze me with how far you can push yourselves. Here are some of them:

Joe Eigo is a gymnast and stuntman who has developed his own style of street gymastics. He has worked as a stuntman for Jackie Chan in several movies. I just love the way he moves and experiment with movements. Watch this youtube video and try the same:

Hannibal is another streetathlete who does more fitness and bodybuildingstyle movements. His moves is simply amazing and he in my opinion has an fantastic physic. Watch and learn:

Yuri van Gelder ia a dutch gymnast and a ring expert. He does his ring gymnastics in an incredibly strong and controlled manner. And his muscularity is great considering he never lift weights. Cool!! Watch some shirtless interview here and you'll get the point:

Markus Ruhl is a german bodybuilder who is known for his extreme freaky physic. He might not be the best looking bodybuilder, but I like the true bodybuilders to look freaky. And Markus looks like ha has been made in clay, by a group of teenagers who has just read to many comic books. Ha is known for a huge number of fans when ha appears on stage. Watch and enjoy:

Usain Bolt is the fastest man ever. And he wins by such margins it will go down in history as some of the best performances ever. He surely lives up to his nickname "The Lightning Bolt". Watch and learn:

Naim Suleymanoglu was the first person to clean and jerk three times his own bodyweight. I just try to imagine doing 1,5 times my own weight. Naim was nicknamed "Pocket Hercules" and won three olympic gold medals over a period of 12 years. Here his final lift from Atlanta Olympics:

Just keep training! You WILL get there!