Jan 18, 2011

Is it possible to have muscles and endurance?

This is a question I hear from time to time. The truth is kind off both ways. We are used to see images of skinny enduranceathletes like marathon runners or cyclists. Rarely do we see top level athletes with impressive muscularity in this sort of sports. The reason for this is pretty simple. Having too much weight slows you down and you won't win your races. If you don't win, you don't get your picture in the newspaper. But does that mean you cannot have impressive endurance and still keep your muscelsize?

No, you can still have both. One doesn't kill the other. But you might not win your long distance races. But think of it, how many of us do really compete at top level. Most of us only want to be in good shape, be healthy and look good. So the "yes, I want both" approach is perfect for us. I'll write more about it later so until then. Lift and run. You'll get to like it!

A good way to run some high intensity intervals are the 45/15. Start out with a warmup. After 5 minutes find a pace where you are running with a little effort but still easy breathing. Run 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds. Repeat. Every minute you increase the speed by 0.2 miles pr hour until you cannot complete the 45 seconds. You're done. Total number on intervals should be between 12 and 25. Next time you start at the same pace and try to complete one more compared to your last HIIT workout.

Some top level endurance athletes with muscles:

Olympic Rowing champion Olaf Tufte

Olympic cross country winner Marit Bjørgen

Olympic cross country winner Petter Northug


  1. agree, very hard to find the middle

  2. Nice read. That rower is a beast!

  3. Matt: Yeah, I've been working out with him on the indoor rower and he truly is a BEAST ;-)

  4. Jordan: That's what I'm trying to do. Finding the middle but keeping the aesthetics

  5. GREAT BLOG MAN!! will def be checking this out daily.

  6. Thanks Big. I'll try to keep the good stuff coming :-)