Jan 6, 2011

Making those guns bigger

Arms are a hard musclegroup to build. It is hard to increase the volume of training without getting the problems of overtraining. After all the arms are involved in most exercises for the upper body anyway. So maybe you should not use volume training on your arms.

Well, I like the volume training, and I like training arms. My arm training consists of several exercises done in a non-strict way. This reduces the stress on my elbow joint and forearms and makes it possible for me to keep up the volume without the overtrainingissues and the injuries. Here is a typical biceps workout:

Dumbell curls - 12, 12, 10, 10 and 8 reps
EZ Curls - 12, 12, 10 and 8 reps
Double cable - 12, 12, 10 and 10 reps
Seated cable or machine - 10, 10, and 10 reps

Here is a short video:


  1. Hey, awesome site here! Do you do triceps on a separate day as well? If so, can you post your tricep routine?


  2. Hi Leifre :-)

    Thanks for the encouragement. I usually du triceps on a separate day yes, if I find time to do it. I'll post my triceps routine soon.