Jun 20, 2011

Front squat day

I love frontsquats. It's a very good way of building quads, speed, jumping power, balance, agility and strength. It puts more stress on the quads and less on the glutes and back. My athletics background makes frontsquats easy to perform due to good flexibility, but still it's hard to keep posture with the heavy weights on.

Here is my sets: 4x245 pounds, 4x265 pounds, 3x288 pounds, 2x310 pounds, 1x330 pounds
And then some deadlifts. Lifted several sets of 380 to 440 pounds


  1. Hey man i love the video. Just found out about this blog and real amazing shape you got there. I been training to get in shape for 18 months myself now and your body realy looks like my ultimate goal. I wus also wondering wut the title of the song is would be appreciated to hear it from you. Well i wil be following this blog just put it in my favorites and please excuse the bad English but i'm from holland and never realy liked English in school haha.